Avery Glynn | Raising Standards with Rising Stars

November 04, 2022

Raising Standards with Rising Stars featuring Avery Glynn

A Name For Herself.

Seventeen-year-old equestrian, Avery Glynn is no stranger to horses; her parents are both successful professionals in the industry & she's been riding for as long as she can remember.

With an impressive number of accolades under her belt (Winner of the 2022 Hermes Equitation Championship at the Hampton Classic, Winner of the 2022 Ronnie Mutch Equitation Trophy at the Devon Horse Show, and 6th in the 2022 USEF Show Jumping Talent Search Finals-East to name a few), Avery has established her own success in the Hunter, Jumper, & Equitation divisions.

In our newest segment, Raising Standards with Rising Stars, we caught up with Avery between her recent wins to gain an inside look at her last junior year & her goals for next year. 


Collage of Avery as a young girl on a pony with her mom next to her, Avery riding her horse over a jump at the National Horse Show, and Avery riding her horse at the USET Talent Search Finals East.


Avery riding a horse to sixth place at the USET Talent Search Finals East.

Q: Introduce yourself to the EquiFit audience.
A: My name is Avery Glynn and I have grown up and am based out of Petaluma, California. I travel all around the country to complete in the equitation, hunters, and jumpers!

Q: How did you get started in riding?
A: My parents, Hope and Ned Glynn, are both professionals in the business.

Q: What would you say has been the most pivotal moment of your riding career so far?
A: I would probably say winning Taylor Harris Finals back in 2018. It was my first big win on the East Coast and I would like to say that it has opened a lot of doors for me especially in the equitation world.

Q: What are your short term and long term goals for the sport?
A: My short term goals are to have a successful and consistent fall finals season. My long term goals are to continue my riding at Auburn on their D1 Equestrian Team and to travel and compete internationally.

Q: Tell us about a horse that has made a lasting impact personally and/or professionally.
A: My horse, Cocon 4 would for sure be the horse that has made the largest impact in my riding career both personally and professionally. She has been my partner for the past 6 years. I still own her and ride her often but this year she has started to teach a younger kid the ropes of the equitation. She is the best partner a girl could ever ask for, truly, she is one of a kind.

Avery jumping a jump at the USET Talent Search Finals East.

Q: If you could ride any horse, who would it be?

A: Henrik von Eckermann's 2020 Tokyo Olympic mount, King Edward.

Q: If you had to swap disciplines, what style of riding would you move towards?
A: I would probably try three day Eventing or Dressage.

Q: What's your funniest horse show moment? 
 When I was 10, I got asked to catch ride a pony at the end of the day but my coat had gone home in my grandmas car so I had to borrow my moms coat in order to show. I was swimming in it, but I wasn’t going to miss out on the ride!

Q: What is your favorite go-to EquiFit product?
A: The D-Teq Front and Hind Boots for sure. 


Photos courtesy of Kind MediaShawn McMillen Photography, & Hope Glynn