Mischa Morrissey | Raising Standards with Rising Stars

May 22, 2023

Mischa Morrissey | Raising Standards with Rising Stars

From a Family of Equestrians.

The Morrissey’s footprint on the equestrian industry can be seen from coast to coast. From the family’s relation to "The Father of Show Jumping in the U.S.” Gene Mische, to their involvement in horse show management & even owning their own training business, Mischa Morrissey has been around horses her entire life. In fact, her father Michael Morrissey was the very first EquiFit Sponsored Rider.

This month, we caught up with Mischa (with the help of her mom) to discuss her aspirations in the sport, her funniest mistake in riding, & what’s inside her Ringside Backpack. To keep up with Mischa & her family, follow @imperialshowstables on Instagram.


Mischa's handwritten answers to the feature questions & her riding on her pony.


Q: Introduce yourself to the EquiFit audience.
A:Mischa Morrissey is 6 years old, but her show age is 5. We live in Wellington, Fl and spend our summers in Traverse City, MI. She currently competes in the younger crossrail divisions.

Q: How did you get started in riding?
A: She has always been in the saddle and has been able to walk, trot, or canter on almost 25 ponies so far! She will always hop on a new pony if the opportunity arises.

Mischa sitting on her pony, smiling with a blue ribbon. Her parents are both standing beside her smiling.

Q: What would you say has been the most pivotal moment of your riding career so far?
A: Cantering on Tuk Tuk. She learned how to canter on the lunge line first in January and now can canter a course of crossrails on him.

Q: What are your short term and long term goals for the sport?
A: Mischa's goals are learning how to trot her jumper pony (Hollywood Spotlight) over crossrails. After that, she will work on cantering with Hollywood Spotlight. Her long term goals are to ride horses after ponies. Mischa can’t wait until she is able to ride horses!

Q: Tell us about a pony that has made a lasting impact on you personally.
A: Tuk Tuk, because she learned how to canter on him and cantered her first pole and then crossrail and then course on him this winter.

Q: If you could ride any horse, who would it be?
A: Mischa would love to ride Pepper.  Pepper's mom, Gera, was Michael’s first Grand Prix horse. We still own Pepper and she will be Mischa’s first Jumper horse! Mischa has already walked and trotted in a line on Pepper. 

Mischa laying on her pony bareback.

Q: If we looked inside your EquiFit Ringside Backpack, what would we see there?
iPad, Bows, Hair stuff, Head band, snacks, water, spurs and a stick and gloves! 

Q: Tell us about your funniest mistake you’ve made in or out of the show ring.
Mischa went to her friends farm to ride with her and she wanted to show everyone she could jump. She borrowed her friends pony named Paris and she got popped off at a crossrail. Mischa jumped right up and got back on and trotted over it again! 

Q: What is your favorite, go-to EquiFit product?
A: My favorite and definite go to product would have to be the Essential Bell Boots because I love the amount of protection it offers for my horses' hooves.

Photos courtesy of Lourdes de Guardiola & Kind Media.