Unlocking the Power of Silver: Antimicrobial Solutions with AgSilver Innovations

April 10, 2024

Unlocking the Power of Silver: Antimicrobial Solutions with AgSilver Innovations

You’ve invested time & energy into helping your horse reach peak performance, & you want their skin to look as good as they feel – but sometimes, scrapes & skin irritations happen. Every horse owner knows that even the most minor skin issues can escalate quickly, affecting performance & overall health.  EquiFit’s innovative AgSilver line of products is designed to be a natural & effective alternative for treating a range of skin infections & irritations, from wound care to hygiene maintenance, without harsh chemicals.

So, what is AgSilver? The secret is the inclusion/infusion of Ionic Silver, a smart element that naturally releases antimicrobial properties to keep bacteria, mold & fungus at bay. The ingredients help clean, protect, & promote a healthy environment for the horse’s skin & aid in recovery, reducing the risk of infection. The complete formula aids in the prevention of bacteria & fungus known for causing irritations such as rain rot, scratches, ringworm, or thrush, while being gentle enough to be used on fresh cuts, nicks & scrapes. Because skin issues can happen anywhere, it’s a safe option to have in your toolkit for home & shows.

The entire line of AgSilver products is designed to be used together or can be used on their own for proactive care or treating an existing problem. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered!  

AgSilver CleanWash™

Maintaining proper hygiene is essential for preventing skin irritations & infections in horses, & a great first step to any skincare routine is cleaning. AgSilver CleanWash is a therapeutic shampoo, designed to be used on the legs & body where skin issues are most likely to surface. AgSilver CleanWash is available in two strengths to meet your needs. If your horse is dealing with an existing or persistent condition, the Maximum Strength CleanWash can help kickstart the healing process. Once you’ve gotten the problematic area under control, there is a Daily Strength CleanWash that is great for routine & preventative washing/daily care.

Unlike other shampoos, CleanWash is versatile enough that it can be used on tack & equipment to help deter bacteria & fungus in humid weather, while helping prevent possible cross contamination.

AgSilver CleanTalc™

Bacteria tends to grow where moisture builds up, which is why AgSilver CleanTalc™ is formulated to effectively combat bacteria & fungi while keeping the skin dry & irritation-free. It's perfect for use in areas such as the girth area, under saddles, or anywhere sweat tends to accumulate. For horses prone to frequent infections, there is a Maximum Strength CleanTalc. For preventative measures, use the Daily Strength CleanTalc

Topicals like CleanTalc help heal subdermally, which helps prevent the issue from occurring once healed. Regular application of CleanTalc™ helps ensure your horse remains comfortable & free from skin issues, even during intense training sessions or hot weather. 

AgSiver CleanBalm™

For those days when the little scrapes or cuts appear, CleanBalm is a convenient & easy to use topical for quick application. This petroleum-based ointment can be applied directly to skin & is a great option to be used in tandem with other AgSilver products to promote continued healing. 

AgSilver Daily Strength CleanSpray™

Whether on the go or at home, the AgSilver Daily Strength CleanSpray is a convenient colloidal spray that can be applied directly to skin & can be used in conjunction with the other AgSilver products. This is a great option for small or hard to reach areas & can be used before or after a ride. 

The More You Know

The power & benefits of AgSilver are truly incredible, which is why we’ve infused this magic into some of our other products to continuously support your horse.   

AgSilver T-Foam™ Standing Wraps have a lining infused with the silver ions, to help guard against & offer superior antimicrobial protection, making them ideal for use in managing wounds or injuries. They not only provide the necessary support but also actively combat bacteria & fungi, reducing the risk of infections during the healing process. Plus, the SmartFabric helps pull moisture away from the legs while maintaining a comfortable temperature for all conditions. 

AgSilver CleanBucket™ is infused with ionic silver & naturally releases the antimicrobial properties to help minimize bucket slime & control bacterial growth. It’s been shown that even the pickiest of horses are more apt to drink from a CleanBucket.