What Beacon Hill Is Packing for the Maclay Finals

October 30, 2023

What Beacon Hill Is Packing for the Maclay Finals

The ASPCA Maclay National Championship is known for showcasing exceptional horsemanship & riding skills. With many horse & rider combinations having prepared for this important weekend since the previous year’s final, there is no room for chance.

Beacon Hill Show Stables is making sure their horses are equipped with the best heading into the Championship. Owner & head trainer, Stacia Klein Madden shared, "Going into Maclay Finals, all of the horses are going to be dressed in the Eq-Teq Front and Hind Boots. Some horses, if they're not in those boots, will be in T-Sport Wraps."

As we sat down to talk with Madden, she shared a few other products Beacon Hill is packing to bring to Lexington, KY:

  • Eq-Teq® Front & Hind Boots: These boots are a staple for Equitation riders at Beacon Hill. Anatomically designed for optimal protection, they are a must-have for an elegant & clean look.
  • T-Sport™ Wraps: For horses who can’t wear boots or riders who prefer a more subtle look, T-Sport Wraps offer an excellent alternative. These wraps provide a snug & sleek fit that is appropriate from the schooling ring to the show ring.
  • T-Foam™ Standard Bandages: Beacon Hill pairs these bandage liners underneath their T-Sport Wraps for additional support & protection. These wraps conform to your horse’s legs & help prevent over tightening of polos or wraps.
  • HorseSox™: These compression socks help maintain the cleanliness and comfort of your horse's legs, reducing the risk of skin irritations or leg abrasions during intense competition.
  • BellyBand®: Ensuring the core of the horse is protected, our BellyBand, BellyBand+, or BellyBand+ with Fleece help protect from rubs & sores when schooling for the Finals.
  • AgSilver CleanWash™ Shampoo & AgSilver CleanTalc™: Beacon Hill utilizes our AgSilver products while on the road to help naturally prevent bacteria & fungus & keep their horses Championship ready.

As Stacia Klein Madden pointed out, preparation for Maclay Finals isn't just about what the horses wear during the competition, it's also about post-performance care. "Yes, we definitely use the [Essential® Cold Therapy Tendon Boots],” she says, emphasizing the importance of recovery. And for organization, "the grooms all have the Essential Hanging Boot Organizersin their grooming stalls," ensuring that everything – from boots to grooming tools – is in its place & ready for action.

Beacon Hill Show Stables knows that success at the Maclay Finals requires a combination of talent, hard work & the right equipment. We appreciate our small part in supporting their riders & their horses, making sure they're at their best when it matters most.