Pivoting during the Pandemic

March 26, 2020

A sewer sewing an Essential 3-Ply Face Mask together.

To our EquiFit Community,

We've been quiet. Not because we have a lack of things to say, compassion to convey, or empathy for those impacted. Just like you all we have been working to figure out this new and hopefully temporary reality.  We've been adjusting to working at home while 'homeschooling' our children, finding safe ways to obtain supplies needed to care for our families and animals, grieving those we have lost and protecting those at risk. The team has spent countless hours discussing how we can best support the equine community; our retailers, riders, owners, grooms, show organizers, ring crew, publishers and all that love this sport as much as we do.

EquiFit is fortunate to be in a bit of a unique position. The Operations side of EquiFit is shared with a medical supply company, so essential in this time of need. While we will continue fulfilling our regular orders and doing all we can for our equine community, we have shifted gears.

The Research and Development team at EquiFit have teamed up with medical professionals in Boston to create a pattern for masks that we can sew out of our Dedham facility. We have a very talented group of stitchers that are eager to help support our community in desperate need. The 3-ply masks are designed with  two layers of 100% cotton and a layer of fabric that includes AgSilver, known to help guard against microbial growth. In addition, we are working on other possible solutions for the healthcare community and will continue to shift our resources as necessary.

At this time we anticipate being able to fulfill all of our normal EquiFit orders in a timely manner and our team continues to be available to service our customers. Any custom orders could be delayed slightly with the shift of resources, but still ready for you when show season kicks back into gear!

Please continue to support your local retailers and each other. Take care of yourself both mentally and physically, and get ready for a great summer of horse showing.

Alexandra Cherubini,
President and CEO

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